Souvenirs are Still Available

So, if you have not purchased your Bio Memory Book, Class Picture, or the USB with photos and videos from the reunion, here is your chance to get it and maybe you will get an answer to your question, 

I wonder whatever happened to __________.


Here is what is available to purchase. 


BIO MEMORY BOOK ($30) - Will Include Graduate's Personal Information such as Address, Email, Phone Numbers, and a summary of their lives since graduation.  Right now the Book is about 120 Pages.  They can include photos of themselves, their family and more.   

You can still fill out the Bio Sheet after the reunion and you DID NOT have to attend the reunion to fill out a Bio Sheet. You will be included in Future Books and on a PDF File soon.  Everyone can fill it out, just click on the Bio Memory Book Sheet tab and click on the link to fill out the form.

Or Download the Paper Form Here - Click Here


CLASS PHOTO ($20) - Photo will include Classmates who attended the reunion and a Digital File of the photo with the names of each Classmate on the photo so you will know who they are.



1) Includes Candid Photos and Videos taken throughout the evening. Individual Photos are available for you to view and print.  

2) There will be a 28 Minute Video Slide show of the photos and videos taken, which will have the Names of the Graduate on most Candid Photos.   

3) Deceased Graduates and Obituaries, slide show and video also.

4) Newspaper Clippings regarding El Camino High during our 4 Years+


Souvenir Order Form



Don't forget to "Pay It Forward" with your Donation / Membership to the EC Booster Club. Below is the Booster Club Form to make your donation.


Also, if you would let the Committee know that you have or will be making a donation, just send us an email that you have donated to the Booster Club.  You do not need to tell us how much, just that you did.


Booster Club Form-Click Here



 Thanks Again For All Your Support,

El Camino High - Class of 1970
52 Year Reunion Committee
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Nikki JORDAN Madrid
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